IWD2021: FCN pays tribute to Nordsjælland’s local heroes


Foto: fcn.dk

Tomorrow, the calendar shows March 8, and that means International Women’s Day. FC Nordsjælland has a tradition where our Superliga and Kvindeliga teams pay tribute to the local and regional women who make a difference every day.

Today, the club’s two senior teams play important matches against HB Køge and AC Horsens. The players once again come together to wear the names of female role models on the backs of their jerseys, as they have done for the past two years.

But this year, it is some different role models that are being honored in comparison to previous years. FCN pays tribute to the unsung heroes from Furesø and Nordsjaelland. All of these women make an effort for the local community and its citizens in one way or another. Some work in the healthcare sector, some make a difference for children and young people, some are leaders in their field.

The women have been nominated through FC Nordsjælland’s network, where different parties have nominated the chosen role models from the region.

Trine Hesselund Hopp Møller, commercial CO-CEO at FCN says: “I’m proud that the club can help shed light on some of the women who make a special contribution to the local area:

– The impact of COVID has opened our eyes even more to how much a community, including our own, depends on the people that always put other people needs before their own. For the coming IWD we will be celebrating some of the powerful women in our community, that not only during COVID, but in general, create impact in their communities.

– They are all local or regional women. Some of them are professionals, such as nurses, doctors, teachers, who are somehow known to go the extra mile for those who need it. Others are volunteers from various organizations with a special focus on integration, sports, inclusion and support for children who need a little extra help to find their way.

– They all have in common that they are remarkable role models that we all often take for granted. This campaign is our attempt to let our surroundings know who those women are and give them a well-deserved tribute. While you may not recognize all the names on the jerseys, as you could last year, there is no doubt to us that our Superliga and Kvindeliga players today pay tribute to a number of true heroes.

The two matches
At 16.00, our Kvindeliga team will play their first match of the spring season after a break of more than four months. This match can be watched on MyCujoo.

At 18.00, our Superliga boys will fight in another decisive match. It is against AC Horsens and you can follow the match on TV3 Sport and Viaplay.

The local heroes who are celebrated on the jerseys:


#1 Peter Vindahl-Jensen: Mette Valentiner – M. VALENTINER
Mette Valentiner works in the Department of Children and Adolescents at Nordsjælland’s Hospital as a ward nurse. During the Corona crisis, there has been an unusual strain on hospitals across the country. That is why Mette is a true role model who, together with her colleagues, has made an extraordinary effort. 

#30 Martin Vantruba: Mette Prip – M. PRIP
Mette Prip is area manager in Altiden Furesø. This is a home that offers care and support: everything from nursing homes, rehabilitation, day centers, housing for adults with disabilities as well as housing, accommodation and networks for children and young people in the local area.

#31 Andreas Gülstorff: Gitte Sort – G. SORT
Gitte Sort is a former manager at Furesøgård, which is a leisure club in Farum East. Gitte is a friendly and caring figure that all children and parents who have knowledge of Furesøgård know. With her many years of efforts in the leisure club, she is to that extent one of Farum’s local heroes.

#2 Mads Døhr Thychosen: Malene Graff – M. GRAFF
Malene Graff is the manager at Fontænehuset Furesø in Værløse. Fontænehuset Furesø is a social work community for people who, for various reasons, are outside the labor market. Common to them all is a mental vulnerability that is treated in the organization.

 #3 Ulrik Yttergård Jenssen: Katja Halladin – K. HALLADIN
Katja Halladin is a dementia nurse and coach at the nursing home Lillevang in Farum. She works as a SOSU helper, and has helped both staff and patients through hard times. Also during the pandemic shutdown of the country.

#4 Kian Hansen: Vibeke Lundsteen – V. LUNDSTEEN
Vibeke is one of our own hidden heroines. ‘Vibs’ is sales coordinator at our office in Farum, and is one of the many enthusiasts who make a special difference at FC Nordsjælland. She is a mother figure to many younger colleagues, and even though she herself has many work assignments, she always makes sure that everything plays out in the office.

#6 Jacob Steen Christensen: Debbie Hamilton – D. HAMILTON
Debbie Hamilton is the daily deputy inspector for 5th to 7th  grades at Marie Kruse School, where she has worked for many years. Due to her caring nature for others, she has done great work even when the school has been closed down, Debbie deserves to be hailed. A person that all current and former students have many fond memories with.

#8 Magnus Kofod Andersen: Tanja Karsten – TANJA K.
Tanja is responsible for social activities in the refugee center Sandholm. She has linked volunteer clubs and organizations with the Refugee Center to help refugees participate and be active in sports. In addition, she has made sure that more young boys and girls have the opportunity to watch FCN’s football matches in Farum.

#10 Kamaldeen Sulemana: Anja Toft Enderslev – A. ENDERSLEV
Anja Toft Enderslev is the general manager at Børnehuset SIV in Farum. Børnehuset Siv is an institution for children with compromised immune systems and their families. The children of the house have in common that they must live a child’s life isolated from crowds, including ordinary day care institutions. The isolation has consequences for the child in both the short and long term, but it also affects parents and siblings. In Børnehuset SIV, families find a much-needed community.

#12 Isaac Atanga: Aracely Jimenez – A. JIMENEZ
Aracely Jimenez is Head of DRM and Education at PlanBørnefonden. She has been very involved in supporting the projects that strengthen and include women and girls in different communities in Denmark. Through the PlanBørnefonden, she has also developed social projects involving girls in Africa.

#14 Mohammed Diomande: Marina Bothmann – M. BOTHMANN
Marina Bothmann is one of FCN’s own superheroes. Marina is the “foster mother” of all the players who live at the club’s college. A well-liked and loving woman who makes a virtue out of helping. Marina is indispensable because she helps young players in place in their new life in Farum, which has been extra important in the Corona era. 

#17 Simon Adingra: Lene Steensen – L. STEENSEN
Lene Steensen has been a hairdresser in Farum for many years, where she has run Cut’n Style on Farum Hovedgade. In these difficult times, Lene Steensen deserves a tribute to the many years of work, where especially her positive energy has always been remarkable for the local citizens. A bright spot for its surroundings.

#19 Oliver Tølbøll: Annie Gøde – A. GØDE
Annie Gøde is an FCN ambassador and was a regular figure on the stands for match days, when it was possible with spectators. She is an active part of our network, is well-liked and well-known in Farum as a gathering place and is always smiling, helpful and welcoming. 

#20 Andreas Bredahl: Birgitte Scheldt – B. SCHELDT

Birgitte Scheldt has been a nurse at Værløse Lægehus for almost 25 years. Her many years of efforts are remarkable and have made a huge difference to the local citizens that she cares for through her work.

#21 Emeka Nnamani: Ann Christina Oliveira – A. OLIVEIRA
Football coach at Hareskov IF’s U13 / U14 girls team. A super-committed and dynamic children’s coach who shows a huge drive with her infectious mood. Through online training, she has managed to keep the girls on the team for the fire during the Corona shutdown. Ann is the epitome of a fiery soul that Hareskov IF values ​​highly.

#22 Victor Jensen: Soma Mayel – S. MAYEL
Soma Mayel is an activist and clerk in the Danish Immigration Service living in Fredensborg Municipality. She has been very active in strengthening and being the voice of young people in Denmark, and is involved in many social activities with a focus on the inclusion of young people. During the Covid lockdown, she started online meetings to create a safe space where young people can share experiences and advice with each other.

#23 Oliver Villadsen: Dorthe Haugaard – D. HAUGAARD
Dorthe Haugaard is a social educator who has made a huge difference for several children and young people in the local area. After 19 years at Søndersøskolen in Værløse, she now works at Ravnholm School, where she primarily works with bilinguals. She is passionate about helping and guiding young people with everything from schooling to everyday challenges, and keeps in touch with both current and former students.

#24 Jonathan Amon: Sandra Ross – S. ROSS
Sandra Ross is a local independent masseur and one of the everyday heroes who has helped the local citizens for many years. She always meets her customers and guests with a big smile and positive energy. Especially in these tough times, where the pandemic has closed many businesses, self-employed people like Sandra deserve a tribute.

#25 Ivan Mesik: Camilla Kairies – C. KAIRIES
Camilla Kairies is a children’s football coach at Ålholm IF in Hillerød, but has also helped start FC Prostata – a football team for men with prostate cancer, where the players are between 50-86 years old, who started as a studio at DBU to find out how football can increase quality of life. The project was a great success and is now nationwide, but Camilla is still the only female coach.

#27 Daniel Svensson: Rikke Ærenlund – R. ÆRENLUND
Since 2012, Rikke has been a volunteer chairman of Frivillignet Helsingør, which is part of the Danish Refugee Council. Passionate about making a difference so that refugees can have a safe life. Rikke and the family have for 10 years been a network family for a young Afghan who came here alone without a family. In working life, she is a mentor for refugees and immigrants in Elsinore municipality and is a member of the Integration Council in Elsinore.

#28 Johan Djoruou: Grith Kemnitz – G. KEMNITZ
Grith Kemnitz is a local Farum citizen who is a daily university teacher at CPH Business, with whom FCN also works closely. She is a dedicated woman who, among other things, leads internal projects. In addition, she has been a great help to several of the club’s employees, whom she has taught at CPH Business. 

#29 Joachim Rothmann: Lotte Lundberg – L. LUNDBERG
Initiator of “Gå For Børn” in Furesø. A charity march where the profits from the sale of t-shirts, caps, posters and diplomas go to Børns Vilkår and BørneTelefonen, which is a telephone line for children for advice or comfort. Something that helped Lotte’s own son when his parents went through a divorce.

#32 Andreas Schjelderup: Bente Olsson – B. OLSSON
Bente Olsson has since 1998 been a UU supervisor in Farum at Bybækskolen / Lyngholmskolen and Søndersøskolen in Værløse and has been in youth supervision for up to 25 years. Over the years, Bente has supervised Caroline Wozniacki and Marcus Ingvartsen from Lyngholmskolen.

#34 Martin Frese: Lotte Vesterli – L. VESTERLI
Lotte Vesterli is an associate professor and occupational therapist from Værløse who helps people with serious disorders such as emotional trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Her goal in life is to help others free themselves from their past and have happy, successful and meaningful lives.

#35 Lucas Lykkegaard: Louise Hedelund Jørgensen – L. JØRGENSEN
Louise Hedelund Jørgensen started the Facebook page “Hjælp Furesø” during the first closure of the country. A place for the community to meet, ask for and receive help. The site is also a platform to promote our small local businesses, inspire each other and maintain the good local spirit.

#36 Maxwell Woledzi: Christina Passarge – C. PASSARGE
Christina Passarge is married to Superliga head coach Flemming Pedersen, and has been specifically nominated by FCN’s defender Maxwell Woledzi. Due to the daughter’s illness, the family has been forced to be separated during the entire pandemic due to the risk of infection. Flemming has lived in a hotel for a year, while Christina is isolated in the home.

#37 Ibrahim Sadiq: Jeanette Thomsen – J. THOMSEN
Jeanette Thomsen has worked for more than 20 years in Furesø Municipality, and is FCN’s contact person at the municipality. A daily partner who is always present in Right to Dream Park on match days. In addition, she is bitten by a crazy football, is a trained football referee and has children who are big FCN fans. A true fiery soul, a really good person, and an important part of everyday life in the club.

#41 Abu Francis: More Afza Popal – M. POPAL
Mehr Afza Popal is a local Farum citizen with Afghan roots who has worked as a night watchman for many years at the nursing home Plejecenter Lillevang in Farum. Mehr Afza Popal strives to make a difference for society, where especially the elderly fill a large part of her heart and life. She always gives it a skull so that the elderly can be in a safe environment – even at the times of the day when others are lying and sleeping.

#42 Oliver Antman: Manilla Ghafuri – M. GHAFURI
Manilla Ghafuri is a name that has been repeated several times in the nominations. She is a young local woman who is a role model for many in Farum. She has always stood by her identity and fights for those who do not always have a voice. On weekdays, she is chairman of RAPOLITICS, gives presentations, teaches and works in a girls’ club in Nørrebro. Manila is passionate about working with young people and one day dreams of becoming a high school teacher.

#45 Tochi Chukwuani: Sibel Kücükkaraca Polat – K. POLAT
Sibel works for SSP in Furesø Municipality, which is a collaboration between schools, social authorities and the police. She works with young women and girls with different ethnicities who live in the municipality. She has organized a meeting place for the girls in Farum Midtpunkt, where the focus is on homework help and social talks.


#1 Adelaide Gay: Caroline Lanner – C. LANNER
Caroline Lanner runs the café in our culture house here in Farum. She has made a huge difference and has almost managed to establish a modern “assembly house” with fantastic simple food, games, music, shared dining room, cooking day with both Danish and immigrant mothers to create understanding and friendships. 

#16 Anna Cheese: Michelle Willems – M. WILLEMS
Michelle is the manager at Altiden Furesø. Always is a home care that offers care, care and support. Everything from nursing homes, rehabilitation, day centers, housing for adults with disabilities as well as housing, accommodation and networks for children and young people in the local area. In addition, Michelle is the daughter of Marianne Willems, team leader and volunteer at FCN, who is also being hailed today. 

#25 Christa Jensen: Pia Lind – P. LIND
Pia Lind is a school teacher and volunteer in Hillerød and works dedicatedly helping students who need extra help with homework or need a mentor or someone to listen to. She invests a lot of time in helping and guiding young people in Hillerød, for whom she has made a big difference.

#27 Maria Hansen: Ditte Becker – D. BECKER
Ditte Becker Larsen has been part of Stenløse Boldklub for over twenty years. She is a player, coach, board member and youth chairman, which says it all. She is one of the true zealots who is invaluable to all football clubs and organizations.

#3 Amalie Littau: Marianne Rosenvold – M. ROSENVOLD
Marianne is chairman of the local department of DH (Danish Handicap) in Furesø, which ensures support for the disabled, who need guidance and help in their dialogue with the municipality. Marianne is not only chairman of DH, but is also a committed and well-liked Furesø citizen.

#4 Laura Lillholm Petersen: Karin Sørensen – K. SØRENSEN
Karin has more or less throughout her life been a visible part of Melby-Liseleje Idrætsforening. She has always been ready when it comes to providing a few hours for MLI – whether it’s about sports, volunteering or an effort in the clubhouse. An invaluable part of the association that all members enjoy.

#5 Ashley Riefner: Maja Pollas – M. POLLAS
Maja Pollas is one of the young people who has put the needs of others above her own in these times where the pandemic has affected our everyday lives. Maja is a pod in Hillerød, where she works hard at the test center to help the local citizens.

#7 Ásla Johannesen: Kirsten Holm – K. HOLM
Kirsten Holm is chief physician at the Department of Children and Adolescents at Nordsjælland’s Hospital. The outbreak of the pandemic has led to unusual pressure on the country’s hospitals – also at Nordsjaelland’s Hospital. That is why Kirsten, her colleagues and the rest of the Danish healthcare sector deserve a tribute.

#8 Lærke Tingleff Søndergaard: Sofia Karlsson – S. KARLSSON
Sofia Karlsson is the sister of Anna Karlsson from our Women’s League squad and is one of the young people who has put the needs of others above her own in these times where the pandemic has affected our everyday lives. Sofia is a pod in Hillerød, where she works hard at the test center to help the local citizens.

#9 Catrine Gryholt: Birgit Ritter – B. RITTER
Birgit Ritter is chairman of Furesø Erhvervsforening, which puts the local business community first. Furesø Business Association takes active co-responsibility for the municipality’s development and strives for a positive development of an attractive and dynamic business community, which is a crucial part of our local environment.

#10 Camilla Kur Larsen – Khalida Popal – KHALIDA P.
Khalida Popal is the founder of the Girl Power Organization and Commercial Coordinator in FC Nordsjællands women’s department. She grew up in a male-dominated Afghanistan where it was not acceptable for women to play sports. Khalida co-founded an Afghan women’s soccer team as well as the country’s first women’s soccer national team.

#11 Florentina Olar: Anny Kjeldsen – A. KJELDSEN
Anny is the daily activity leader for the Red Cross in Furesø. Here, Anny stands to teach women to ride with the purpose of creating freedom and independence for them. Anny’s efforts have meant that more women have now found work and become self-sufficient.

#12 Tiia Peltonen: Sofie Møller – S. MØLLER
Sofie Møller is a daily teacher at Birkerød Gymnasium, which like the country’s other schools has been closed down more or less since March. Sofie always puts the well-being of her students first and does not let the lack of physical presence stand in the way of either learning or well-being. That’s why Sofie deserves to be hailed.

#13 Jessica Davis: Liv Andersen – L. ANDERSEN
Liv Andersen is one of the young people who has put the needs of others above her own in these times where the pandemic has affected our everyday lives. Liv is a pod in Hillerød, where she works hard at the test center to help the local citizens.

#14 Amalie Vangsgaard: Kim Felecia – K. FELECIA
Kim Felicia is a sustainable fashion designer, teacher and mentor from Espergærde. She is the founder of The Slow Fashion Movement Denmark, whose purpose is to influence and inspire the world in a responsible and sustainable direction. She strives for a considerate fashion industry where strict consideration is given to the environment. 

#17 Simone Andersen: Eva Durafour – E. DURAFOUR
Eva Durafour is a name that has reappeared in the nominations. She lives in Elsinore and is store manager at the 24-hour station Q8 in Farum, which she has run for many years. Eva is a leader who always takes the lead for her employees. With her many years of experience as a manager at the station, who is also called the heart of Farum and who never sleeps, she knows many of the locals. With her drive and positive energy, she makes sure that those who enter the station always go out with a smile on their face. 

#18 Mie Jung Carstensen: Line Corr – L. CORR
Line Corr is certainly also a name that has reappeared in the nominations of the citizens of Farum. Line is a former primary school teacher at Stenvad and Lyngholmskolen in Farum, who has taken loving care of her students with skilled learning and guidance about life’s challenges. Her love is not taken for granted, and many elderly locals appreciate her efforts to this day.

#20 Brianne Reed: Zanne Jahn – Z. JAHN
Zanne Jahn is a legendary figure who founded Kulturhuset in Farum, which is at the same time an association house, an exhibition house, an experience house and also houses Denmark’s only Immigrant Museum. A living house where everyone is welcome, which is open almost all days of the year from morning to evening. An important part of our community, which offers everything from communal dining to children’s rhythmics.

#21 Karen Linnebjerg Knudsen: Anne Birgitte Lang
Activity leader and volunteer for the Red Cross’ women’s café in Furesø, which offers sewing activities and homework help for women of ethnic origin other than Danish. At the same time, the sewing and homework café also equates to cozy social gatherings. 

#22 Dajan Hashemi: Marianne Willems – M. WILLEMS
Marianne Willems is team leader and volunteer at FC Nordsjælland, where she puts a huge amount of work into the women’s department. Marianne was nominated by several players because she makes a huge difference in everyday life and in the club.

#23 Katrine Kühl Møller: Majbritt Lundsberg – M. LUNDSBERG
Throughout his adult life, Majbritt has been a visible part of Melby-Liseleje Idrætsforening. Not only on the football field, where for the past 35 years she has been – and still is – a skilled coach (and former player) who gives the many young girls a support for training and in battle. Also outside the chalk lines, Majbritt is an amazing human being and a giant fiery soul who is well-liked, well-known and invaluable to everyone involved in the club.

#24 Anna Karlsson: Birgitte Roikjær – B. ROIKJÆR
Birgitte Roikjær is a ward doctor at the Department of Children and Adolescents at Nordsjælland’s Hospital. Birgitte, her colleagues and the rest of the Danish healthcare sector have made an extra big effort the recent year, when the pandemic has put pressure on the country’s hospitals. Birgitte and Nordsjællands Hospital must be praised for the fact that they work every day for the region’s citizens and their health.

#28 Cecilie Larsen: Camilla Staugaard – C. STAUGAARD
Camilla Staugaard is a nature guide at Skolelandbruget. A great place in Farum, where all local children at some point have been and learn about nature, animals and much more. Either with kindergarten, school or in your free time. They also host large events during the summer, which are very popular with the citizens of the municipality.

#29 Sofie Di Tranholm: Inger Thing Dittmann – I. DITMANN
Inger makes a huge effort as a nurse at the children’s hospice Lukashuset in Hellerup. A job that requires an exceptional character in an everyday life where you have to help children and their families prepare for the absolute worst. That’s why Inger deserves to be hailed.

All 54 women will receive the jersey with their name on it after today’s matches.