Away-info for Partizan-fans


Foto: Morten Hermansen

Information for travling FK Partizan fans to the game Thursday 9th of August at 19.45 at Right to Dream Park.


All tickets for the game at Right to Dream Park for the away section will be sold by Partizan themselves, read more at their homepage HERE. Serbians living in Denmark should also buy their ticket from Partizan, but they can pick up the ticket in Farum.

The away stand is the B-stand, full stadium-view HER.

Supporters of the away team can only access the away stand. A breach of the above may lead to expulsion from the stadium. Ticket purchases will not be refunded. If you are quarantined, tickets will not be refunded. All guests are asked to bring ID with picture that can confirm age. If you purchase tickets for any other area apart from the away section they will not be refunded, and you will not be allowed into the stadium.

It is prohibited to jump the fence and may result in a tax.

Smoking in Right to Dream Park is only allowed in the selected smoking zones, which are located close to the entrances.

How to get to stadium

Traveling with train from Copenhagen main-station it will take you around 35 minutes to reach Farum train station, from there it takes 10 minutes to walk to the stadium. Go down Ryttergårdsvej which leads you to the stadium.

The following trains will take you to Farum station: A-train or B+ towards Farum


Right to Dream Park is located at Farum Park 2, 3520 Farum.
Built in year 2000.
Capacity: 10.300
Number of seats: 9.800
Attendance record: 10.300 vs. AC Horsens in Superligaen 23.05.2012.
Stadium Pitch Dimensions: 105 x 68 m

The stadium will be open an hour and a half before the kickoff, 18:15.

The history of FC Nordsjælland

FC Nordsjælland is a Danish football club that was founded in July 2003. The team plays in Farum, which is located in the suburbs of Copenhagen. FC Nordsjælland is a continuation of Farum BK which is still an integral part of FC Nordsjælland. FC Nordsjælland is located in Furesø municipality, you can find out more about Furesø here.

In 1998 Farum BK played its first division league match. Successful promotions meant that Farum BK was promoted to the Danish top division, Superliga, in 2002. In 2003 the club changed its name to FC Nordsjælland and has since been a consistent part of the Superliga. The name FC Nordsjælland was chosen because FC Nordsjælland is a regional team for all football supporters in the region of Northern Sealand. To consolidate the status as a regional team, FC Nordsjælland has built a network of more than 60 regional amateur clubs that are part of FC Nordsjællands football network.

Allan K Pedersen, a local businessman, owned the club from its foundation in 2003 until January 2016, when a group of English/American businessmen, Pathway Group, buy FC Nordsjælland A/S.

The home ground is Farum Park (capacity – 10.300). Farum Park is a modern stadium with top facilities, a four star hotel and a conference center which is an integral part of the stadium.

From 2006 until 2011, former Celtic player Morten Wieghorst, was the Head Coach of FC Nordsjælland. In June 2011, Kasper Hjulmand became the head coach of FC Nordsjælland and was so until 2014. From the summer of 2014 until January of 2016, Ólafur Kristjánsson (Iceland) was Head Coach, but was replaced by Kasper Hjulmand as the latter made his comeback as FC Norsdjællands head coach.

FC Nordsjælland has won the Danish cup twice – in 2010 and 2011 – and the Championship in 2012.


1991: Farum Idræts Klub and Stavnsholt Boldklub join forces to become Farum Boldklub.

1992: First promotion for the new club – from serie 2 to serie 1.

1998: The team attains promotion to the 2. Division and becomes a professional footballclub.

2002: Maj 29th: Farum gets promotion to the Superliga after a 4-1 over FREM.

2003: Farum Boldklub ends the season as third in the Superliga, with 51 points.

2003: Juli 1st: Farum Boldklub A/S becomes FC Nordsjælland A/S with Allan K. Pedersen as owner and Chairman.

2004: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 9th in the Superliga, with 32 points.

2005: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 10th in the Superliga, with 30 points.

2006: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 9th in the Superliga, with 38 points.

2007: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 5th in the Superliga, with 57 points.

2008: FC Nordsjællands ends the season 9th in the Superliga, with 43 points.

2009: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 8th in the Superliga, with 35 points.

2010: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 7th in the Superliga, with 43 points.

2010: FC Nordsjælland wins the Danish Cup Final for the first time.

2011: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 6th in the Superliga, with 39 points.

2011: FC Nordsjælland wins the Danish Cup Final for the second consecutive time.

2012: FC Nordsjælland wins the Danish Championship, with 68 points.

2013: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 2nd in the Superliga, with 60 points.

2014: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 6th in the Superliga, with 46 points.

2015: FC Nordsjælland ends the season 6th in the Superliga, with 44 points.

2016: January 1st: FC Nordsjælland is sold to Pathway Group with Tom Vernon as new Chairman.

2016: April 24th: Farum Park was renamed to Right to Dream Park

2018: FCN is again in the top of the Superliga claiming a fantastic 3. place with one the youngest teams in Europe.

SLO contact
Jan Kjønstad – – +45 40 57 96 01