Nytårshilsen fra Tom Vernon


Foto: Boesenfoto.dk

A year ago, I was happy to write to the FCN family about the importance of our youth strategy. Results in 2016 were not as anyone wished but great work was done by Kasper and his team restoring the FCN way and giving valuable minutes to undoubtedly talented young players from Ghana and more so from Denmark.

In 2017, we enjoyed some of the foundation laid in 2016. Young prospects emerged into dominating Superliga-players but more importantly our style and expression was clear for all to see with great performances and a record-breaking number of goals.

The future is bright. We have made progress in the first team with our ultimate vision of playing and winning with players only graduating from our own academies and I believe we are on course to achieve this in line with in our initial targets. We have made even greater progress in the academies where our integration of Africans and Europeans, Christians and Muslims, Boys and girls as produced tremendous performance and so much more.

Our two academies together have played great football and showed the future of our first team is bright but have also shown in a time where segregation and divide and evident for all our children to see on the news that football is the ultimate unifier and that through simple shared passions we are not so different after all. Through the work done with our full-time character program, international travel and quality coaching I am certain as a group we are putting many better young men and women into the world who will also play electrifying football for our mens first team (and soon to be women’s first team) but achieve so much more giving back and acting as role models and leaders in society.

We saw the start of this in 2017 with Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson and David Accam (Right to Dream graduate) following Juan Mata in the Common Goal movement pledging 1% of their earnings to the bottom of the global soccer pyramid. I was really pleased to see Mini start his own social enterprise in Ghana as well to support those much less fortunate than us.

In 2018, we will engage in much locally and internationally giving back to develop the character of our players and support others. At the same time, we will debut more exciting young players and continue to play our exciting brand of football challenging at the top of Danish football. I believe wholeheartedly that we present one of the most ethical sustainable and exciting football projects going.

To take the steps we desire we need your support. To keep our players longer and bring more trophies to Right to Dream park we need to build the atmosphere and revenues at our club. We made progress in 2017 and with the hiring of our new CEO communications director and commercial director. All of this is designed to improve your experience at the stadium and during the year if you are a partner.

We are on the road to achieving something very special here and we need your support. Please come and enjoy our games in 2018 and engage further with our club.

Warm regards and Godt Nytår,