Nytårshilsen fra Tom Vernon


Dear fans of FCN,

I know a lot of you are wondering what the big plans for your club are after what happened in December. I will start by saying it’s been a real pleasure for me to be introduced to the club. It was good for me to get a first impression of the many people who makes this such a great club with a massive potential.

I am extremely proud to be the new Chairman of FCN and I am looking forward to introduce you all to a fresh vision that will steer FCN in a new but not totally different direction.

I am bringing new and exciting opportunities to FCN – my academy in Ghana is the one that has received much of the focus in the media, however, I will also bring new exciting relationships to the club. All these relationships bring the potential for FCN to become a more successful club and a more exciting collaborative club.

During 2016, together as a team, FCN will understand and assess these opportunities and decide how to integrate them into our new model. This will not happen over night.

Having already built one successful football organization over the last sixteen years, I know that having clear and consistent values, is the key. Young players are more vulnerable than ever regarding poor advice and exploitation. Players are often allowed to become selfish and self-centered, missing the opportunity they have as professional footballers to be role models that inspire and create positive change.

As a football club, we have a responsibility to counter this through the education we offer our players, from the youth and all the way through to the 1st team.  We can do this by offering a holistic education that prioritizes the development of characters. Through this we can help develop people we are proud of and resilient players who can bring us success on the pitch. Developing character is my first core value.

Right to Dream, like FCN, has been successful in developing young players. It has been my passion for almost two decades now. I get my greatest satisfaction from starting to work with a boy or girl at age 10 and seeing them grow up, become successful and move on to great things. Believing in and providing opportunities for youth is my second core value.

To develop character and allowing youth to flourish, relies on the example we set as staff and is the most crucial element of the process. I believe this starts from the way we treat our own families. This is the greatest indicator of who you are and inspires the confidence in teenagers and young adults to engage. “Family first” is my third core value and I hope we can build on the family first culture at FCN.

We have great challenges ahead that must not be underestimated. Our club needs to increase revenues and produce even better players for us to progress to the next level. This will require hard and sometimes difficult decisions.

My intention is to build the next chapter of FCN founded on these three core values; family first, believe in youth and developing character – these are the core values that will underpin all the success I want us to achieve together at FCN in the years ahead. They are the foundation on which we can achieve success on the field, it should go with our saying, that I am desperate to bring that success to the 1st team again. We must win and strive every day to do everything we can to win, but we will do it the right way.

Our vision for developing the academy and internationalizing the club on and off the field requires the right leadership. For us there was only one candidate to launch this new project and merge the best of FCN’s history with the new vision we have. We are very excited to have Kasper back to drive our new vision and the club forward.

Football is something that we all love, and should enjoy together and I look forward to see all of you in the new year to support the team both on and off the field.

Happy New Year everyone!

Warm regards